When to Use Braided Fishing Line | 8 Best Times

When to Use Braided Line

One factor that can make a big difference is the type of fishing line you use. Braided fishing line has become increasingly popular in recent years, but what’s the best fishing situation to use it? 

By the end of this listicle, you’ll have a better understanding of when to use braided line. Ready to learn more? If yes! Let’s get started with this 8 times!

When Should You Use Braided Line?

1- Targeting a Big Fish

Targeting big fish often requires a line with higher strength and sensitivity because these fish can put up a strong fight and may require a lot of pressure to be brought to the surface. 

Braided line can be a good choice in these fishing situations because it has a higher strength-to-diameter ratio and less stretch than a monofilament line which can make it easier to feel the fish and control it during the fight.

Additionally, the low stretch and sensitivity of braided line can make it easier to detect bites and set the hook which can be helpful when targeting big fish.

2- Finesse Fishing Situations

Finesse fishing refers to a style of fishing that involves using light tackle and small, subtle lures to target fish when they are finicky or in clear water as it allows the angler to present the lure in a natural and unobtrusive way.

In these situations, it can be important to use a line with high sensitivity and low stretch in order to feel the bottom and detect subtle bites. 

Additionally, it requires the use of a line with a high strength-to-diameter ratio in order to set the hook on smaller fish without tearing the mouth or breaking the line. 

Braided line can be a good choice for these fishing techniques because it has these properties, as well as being thin, sensitive and less prone to tangles and knots than monofilament line.

3- Increase Your Casting Distance

Braided fishing line is an excellent choice for anglers who want to increase their casting distance for the following reasons:

  • It has very little stretch: That means more efficient transfer of energy from the rod to the lure, allowing it to travel further through the air.
  • It is thinner and more aerodynamic: That allows it to slice through the air more easily and extend the casting distance. 

Using a braided line can be a great way to boost your casting distance and improve your success as an angler.

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4- Fishing Fast & Punching Grass Mats

Braided line is a popular choice for anglers fishing in low-visibility situations and through grass mats.

A braided line (50lb to 65lb) is crucial for techniques like frogging because of its low stretch and ability to cut through vegetation and pull fish quicker than any other line.

Keep in mind to use a Palomar knot to connect it to the hook eye and be sure to wet the line before cinching the knot to ensure a secure connection.

Fishing fast and punching through those pesky grass mats calls for the use of a braided line.

This type of fishing line provides superior abrasion resistance, making it ideal when casting lures into heavy cover.

5– Deep-Water Fishing

The braided line’s low stretch and thin diameter give it the ability to absorb shock and provide a strong, sensitive connection with bottom content and fish bites, especially when fishing with a Carolina rig. Also, they allow for quickly and efficiently removing fish from structures.

It’s important when using braid to use a mono or fluoro leader of appropriate length and to attach it using an FG knot.

For added durability, consider using a hollow-core line that can be spliced in the event of damage rather than relying on knots.

However, you’ll need to fish with heavier weights to hold the bottom but you should consider that most 30 lbs braids can break at around 50 lbs. 

Overall, the benefits of using braid when fishing deep include:

  • increased line strength.
  • improved ability to cut through the water
  • Enhanced bite detection and faster fish removal

6- When Needing To Make More Line on Smaller Reel

Braided line offers more strength compared to its diameter, allowing fishermen to pack more line on a smaller reel and navigate through challenging environments.

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7- Fishing in The Wind

During windy days, anglers may struggle to feel the slightest bite on more delicate lines such as monofilament and fluorocarbon.

Having a trusty braided line with you can be a great advantage when finesse fishing, particularly in the fall season.

Not only is it thinner and allows better contact with lures but can also cut through the wind better than other types of lines.

When on the water and feeling winds whipping, hold your rod tip close to or slightly below water level while using light plastic baits like jigs or worms.

Cast your line downwind in order to minimize its bow and set the hook if you observe a decrease in line bow regardless of whether the take has been felt or seen. 

Do note that for braided lines under 30lbs It is best to have an extra-reliable one to prevent wild knots from forming on your reel, which can be tedious and time consuming to untangle.

8- When Fishing Topwater 

As an angler, you know that bass will move off cover in search of food when they feel safe enough.

In these situations, covering more distance with your casts is crucial to catching more fish. This is where using braid line on topwater baits can be an excellent choice.

  • It offers a quick response for hooksets with its lack of stretch.
  • It also helps to immediately close the distance between you and your bait.
  • Plus, it can help you cast with confidence, knowing that you won’t risk losing your expensive lure.

Some anglers like Justin Lucas & Gary Dobyns using buzzbaits topwater presentation and recommend 15-25lbs mono (nylon, polyamide) for larger topwater baits. 

Personally, I’ve had success using 30lbs braid with a 17lbs mono leader as the combination allows for long casts and keeps the hooks from fouling.


Should I Use Braided Line on My Spinning Reel?

Any spinning reel can easily be used with a braid fishing line. If you’re using it when fishing with braid, make sure to adjust your drag setting before casting out your line.

By loosening the drag, you reduce the risk of snapping a line due to overly tight tension settings. Additionally, you will also be able to land fish effectively as the loose drag allows for controlled and gradual movement once you hook a fish.

What Kind of Fishing is Braided Line Good For?

Braided line is particularly good for saltwater fishing in cliffs, at night and heavy surf, as well as freshwater fishing in areas with dense vegetation like lily pads, hydrilla, water hyacinths and cattails. 

The braid’s ability to cut through stems effectively prevents the line from tangling up and losing your target fish.

Can You Put Braided Line on Any Reel?

Yes, you can use braided line on any fishing reel other than spinning reel, casting reel and fly reels.

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