Secrets of Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing 2023: Tips and Tricks

Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing 2023

Pre-spawn season is the perfect time to target big bass, As the water temperature begins to warm up, they begin to move from their deep winter haunts to shallow water in preparation for spawn.

This is an excellent opportunity for anglers to catch more bass, but it also requires a good understanding of the fish behavior, habitat and feeding patterns.

In this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips, advice, and tricks to catch pre-spawn bass in 2023.

Understanding the Pre-Spawn Season

The Pre-Spawn Season

Before we dive into the best pre-spawn bass baits, it’s important to understand the secrets of pre-spawn season. In general, the pre-spawn season begins in early spring when the water temperature starts to rise. As the temperature reaches around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, bass begin to move from their deep winter habitats to shallow areas.

During the pre-spawn season, bass are focused on feeding and finding suitable spawning grounds. This means they will be actively searching for food and will be more likely to take the bait. They can also be more selective in their feeding and can be more difficult to catch.

Best Pre-Spawn Bass Baits

Here are 7 of the best pre-spawn bass baits that you may find helpful:


Jigs are a versatile bait that can be used to imitate crawfish or other bottom-dwelling prey. During pre-spawn, try using a jig with a crawfish-colored skirt and a pork trailer.


Crankbaits are a great choice for covering water quickly and locating active fish. Try using a square-billed crankbait in a shad or chartreuse color for pre-spawn bass. Check out our favorite Lipless Crankbait Color for Muddy Waters in Spring.


Spinnerbaits are another great option for covering water and attracting active fish. Try using a spinnerbait with a willow-leaf blade in a white or chartreuse color.


Jerkbaits are effective in cooler water temperatures, making them a great choice for pre-spawn. Try using a suspending or slow-sinking jerkbait in silver/gold, blue/silver, or clown patterns.


Swimbaits are realistic imitations of baitfish and can be effective in pre-spawn. Try using a 3- to 5-inch swimbait in a shad or bluegill pattern.

Texas-rigged plastics

Soft plastics such as worms, lizards, and creature baits can be deadly when rigged Texas-style. Try using a natural-colored bait such as green pumpkin or watermelon during pre-spawn.

Wacky-rigged plastics

Wacky-rigged plastics can also be effective in pre-spawn. Try using a stick bait in natural colors such as green pumpkin.

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How Do You Catch Bass in Pre-Spawn?

How Do You Catch Bass in Pre-Spawn

Here are some tips on catching bass in pre-spawn that you may find helpful:

  1. Look for staging areas: In pre-spawn, bass will start moving towards their spawning grounds. Look for shallow areas with cover, such as weed beds or rocky outcrops, just outside their spawning areas. These areas are where the bass will stage up before moving to their spawning beds.
  2. Use moving baits: As the water temperature starts to warm up during pre-spawn, fish become more active, and so should your baits. Try using spinnerbaits, crankbaits, or swimbaits to cover more water and entice bass to bite.
  3. Slow down your presentation: While moving baits can be effective, you may need to slow down your presentation in pre-spawn. Try using jigs or soft plastics to work the cover more methodically and entice a bite from a lethargic fish.
  4. Pay attention to the weather: In pre-spawn, weather fluctuations can significantly affect the fish’s feeding behavior. Bright sunny days can make fish more inactive, while overcast or cloudy days can make them more active.

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Fishing for pre-spawn bass can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By understanding the biology and behavior of these fish, using the right gear and techniques, and targeting the right areas, you can increase your chances of catching more bass during this exciting time of year.

Use the tips and baits outlined in this article to help you catch more pre-spawn bass and make the most of your time on the water. Remember to always practice catch and release to help preserve this important fishery for future generations.

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