Deep Diving Crankbaits: The Ultimate Guide for Bass Fishing

Deep Diving Crankbaits

If you’re an avid bass angler, you know that deep diving crankbaits are a must-have lure in your tackle box. Not only are they effective in catching big bass during the summer months, but they can also help you target those elusive post-spawn bass that tend to school up in deeper water.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about deep diving crankbaits, including when and where to fish them, the best color and lure recommendations, and what gear you need to get started.

When to Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits

Temperature is key when it comes to deep diving crankbaits. Generally, when the water temperature hits 70 degrees, deep diving crankbaits start to produce.

This typically happens in early June for most of the country. As the water temperature rises into the mid-70s, bass tend to move into their post-spawn patterns.

The largest bass tend to move and school up first, so recognizing this pattern early is crucial for catching a big bag.

Deep diving crankbaits are the best way to target bass during this transition window, which lasts about three weeks before it starts to die down in July and August.

Along with temperature, deep crankbaits tend to work best in the mornings, especially if you’re fishing early when the water temperature is in the 70s.

Where to Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits

The best places to fish deep diving crankbaits are along drop-offs and irregular features.

Look for drop-offs near large flats, particularly the longest points that end with drop-offs. Big bass don’t tend to like steep banks, so flat to break areas are ideal.

In water with visibility under 3ft, breaks in the 5-10ft range are good. In clearer water with visibility greater than 3ft, depths of 10-15ft are better.

If you can find bass as they first move out to deeper water, you can quite literally catch a big bass cast after cast. Bass group up in sizes, and most of the time, the bigger bass will be the first ones. You can hek this helpful article to learn more about Seasonal Habits of the Largemouth Bass.

Deep Cranks in Shallow Water

It may seem counter-intuitive to throw a bait designed to dive 15ft+ deep in shallow water, but it’s an excellent way to catch bass in June.

The extra diving depth of deep cranks ensures your bait isn’t just ticking bottom but instead dive-bombing the bottom.

The hard force makes the bait deflect super hard off the bottom, giving an action that bass aren’t used to seeing.

Additionally, deep cranks are much larger than their shallow diving counterparts, so you really up the size of your catches by using deep divers up shallow.

Retrieval Tips for Deep Diving Crankbaits

To maximize your chances of catching big bass with deep diving crankbaits, keep your rod tip pointing at your lure during the retrieve. With the extra casting distance of deep diving crankbaits, line stretch can become a factor.

If you retrieve with your rod tip at an angle, you won’t have enough room to properly set the hook.

Keeping your rod tip pointing directly at the bait will ensure you have enough room to generate the force required to drive the thicker hooks in and get a good hookset.

Additionally, use a medium-fast stop-and-go retrieve. Every 3-4 reel turns, add a short pause before starting again. Do this the entire length of your retrieve.

Most bites will come as the bait is starting back up. This stop-and-go motion is great for firing up entire schools which can lead to catching back-to-back fish.

Specific Color Recommendations for Deep Diving Crankbaits

When it comes to color selection for deep diving crankbaits, it’s important to keep in mind the water clarity and conditions.

  • In murky water, use bright and bold colors like chartreuse, firetiger, and red crawdad. These colors are highly visible and can help bass locate your bait in dirty water.
  • In clear water, go with more natural colors like shad, bluegill, and crawfish. These colors mimic the forage in the area and can increase your chances of catching bass.
  • In low light conditions or overcast days, dark colors like black, purple, and dark green can work well. These colors create a strong silhouette in the water and can help the bass locate your bait.

Lure Recommendations for Deep Diving Crankbaits

There are many deep diving crankbaits on the market, but you an ccheck out our recommendations for the Best Deep Diving crankbaits for Bass Fishing 2023.

Gear Recommendations for Deep Diving Crankbaits

To effectively fish deep diving crankbaits, you’ll need the right gear. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Medium-heavy power rod: A medium-heavy power rod will give you the backbone needed to set the hook and fight big bass.
  • High-speed reel: A high-speed reel with a gear ratio of at least 6.3:1 will allow you to quickly retrieve your crankbait and keep it in the strike zone.
  • Fluorocarbon line: Fluorocarbon line has low visibility underwater and sinks quickly, making it a great option for fishing deep diving crankbaits. Use a line with a test strength of at least 12 pounds.


Deep diving crankbaits are a highly effective tool for targeting bass during the summer months. Remember to pay attention to water temperature and conditions, fish along drop-offs and irregular features, and use the right color and lure for the situation.

Don’t forget to check our complete guide about crankbait for beginners if you want to learn more about crankbaits. We hope that we have provided you with useful information, even if it is a little. If you like the topic, don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with your friends.


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