Best Lures for Bass Fishing at Night: 6 Favorite Baits

Best Lures for Bass Fishing at Night

Fishing at night can be a great way to catch bass and have a successful fishing outing. To get the most out of your time on the water, it is essential that you choose the right lures for night fishing. In this article, I’ll cover these 6 best lures for bass fishing at night:

  1. Spinnerbaits
  2. Buzzbaits
  3. Jigs
  4. Big Texas-Rig Worms
  5. Big Ribbon Tailed Worms
  6. Topwater Poppers
Best Lures for Bass Fishing at Night

1_ Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are a useful and popular choice for anglers looking to target fish at night.

The thump, flash and movement they create in the water can be particularly effective when there is some wind-chop on the surface.

Ideal fishing spots include vegetation lines, well-lit docks, laydowns and deeper ledges close to shore. If you’re interesting, you can check out our article about 5 Best Bass Lures for Shore Fishing.

Use a single Colorado blade to produce as much noise in the water as possible, drawing fish out of cover.

If you’re fishing under a full moon and looking for subtlety, try using a Willow blade for a more natural lure imitation.

Once you’ve cast your spinnerbait into the ideal spot, let it sink before starting your retrieval with a slow and steady rate of speed.

Take it all the way back to the boat or shoreline, feeling every pause and tug along the way, it could be that big bass from deep!

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2_ Buzzbaits

Utilizing buzzbaits can be incredibly successful when it comes to nighttime bass fishing as the fish must depend on their different faculties to locate sustenance when visibility is reduced.

These fishing baits are great for this because they create a lot of commotion on the water’s surface which makes them easier for bass to pick up and hit without relying solely on visuals.

It’s important to make sure that you use a heavier 65-pound braided line when rigging up your buzzbait in order to maximize the lure’s performance in low-light conditions.

This will also help attract bass that may be feeding aggressively under the moonlight as they tend to feel more comfortable hitting lures in darkness rather than during the day.

With a buzzing bait like the BOOYAH Buzz Blade Buzzbait or Strike King Tri-Wing Buzz King rigged up, you have a great chance of filling your boat’s livewell night after night – regardless of open water or cover!

Buzzbaits for Bass Fishing at Night

3_ Jigs

Jigs are one of the best bass fishing lures for night. They create a lot of sound and movement that helps to attract the bass.

A great suggestion when it comes to jigging is the heavier weights in 3/4 oz or the Kitana Stagger Scrounger Jig. You can even pair this jig with a soft plastic craw or frog trailer for additional attraction.

Stagger Scrounger Jigs have a front blade that really displaces a lot of water and increases your chances of getting noticed by bass.

Plus, the unique design makes it easy to maneuver through weeds and other structures without getting caught.

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4_ Big Texas Rig Worm

Big Texas-Rig worms has been catching lunkers in the dark for many years now, thanks to its big 8-10 inch ribbon tail plastic design which makes it visible and easier for bass to locate in low light conditions.

Plus, the movement of the ribbon tail action creates vibrations that can draw in hungry fish even more.

For an extra advantage in your night-fishing game, add a small plastic bead between your hook and sinker.

By moving your bait around, you’ll create a ticking noise that calls in bass through sound.

Big Texas Rig Worm for for fishing bass at Night
Gambler Ribbon Tail Worm in a Watermelon/Red Flake color, Length: 10″

5_ Big Ribbon Tailed Worms

While Big Ribbon Tailed Worms were once standard for experienced anglers, they fell out of favour for some time.

However, if you’re will to brave the night fishing scene, big worms (10-15″) can give you an edge over other soft plastic baits.

The key to catching some truly picture-worthy fish is to use an VMC Shaky Head Jig and drag it along the bottom near grass flats, creek channels, or points.

Casting in large areas where bass are known to congregate will yield plenty of hits as long as you keep at it until feeling a bite on your line.

Other rigs also work reliably with this bait: Texas rigs, Florida rigs and Carolina rigs all stand a chance against really big bass.

For maximum impact though, try using the VMC Shaky Head Jig together with a plastic worm.This combination has seen success in various tournaments!

The technique here is slow stop-and-go retrieve which seems to work best with ribbon tailed worms.

But if that’s not working don’t forget that slower and steadier swimming retriever across wide areas too could grant you luck!

Big Ribbon Tailed Worms for fishing bass at night

6_ Topwater Poppers

Topwater poppers create a lot of commotion on the surface, making them easy to locate in low light conditions.

The Lunkerhunt Popping Frog Fishing Lure is an excellent option and its legs extend and retract during retrieval, giving it a realistic appearance.

During full moon phases, the bright light reflects off the bait making it easier for bass to locate.

To maximize your chances of success, cast out the lure and use slow retrieve with pauses between twitches so that curious bass have time to find your lure.

Additionally, by adding scent attractants, it is possible to catch more fish at night.

Topwater popper for night fishing

Final Though

When it comes to night fishing for bass, there are many lures such as spinnerbaits, jigs, worms and topwater lures; you can use to increase your odds of success.

Each one has its own advantages and will work differently depending on the conditions you encounter.

Experiment with different techniques and lures until you find the combination that offers you the best catch rate.

With just a bit of patience, practice and research, you’ll soon be hauling in healthy trophies in no time!

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